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Fighter Shots contain 35% organic cold-pressed ginger, higher than the average shot, and does not contain any apple juice as a filler. Instead, they have organic honey and lemon, which are known for their antiseptic properties and lots of Vitamin C. 

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Flavoured water is proof that water never needs to be boring. Life is full of bold flavours, and so is Thirsti. This iconic range of Thirsti brings a more natural water bursting with a fresh new taste. These sparkling flavoured drinks will still sweeten up your day like nothing else can. Whether it's fresh Litchi, Lemon, Berry, Granadilla, Pineapple or refreshing Naartjie to wake your taste buds. there's a Thirsti Flavour for everyone


This pre mixed Bloody Mary is expertly blended with tomato juice, 58 Distillery's triple distilled vodka, Amontillado sherry, fresh lemon juice, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, a dash of Kikkoman soy sauce, and the legendary TABASCO®Brand Pepper Sauce for just the right amount of heat.

Alc 6.3%

•Not suitable for vegetarians

(contains anchovies in the Worcestershire sauce)


Regardless of the reason for choosing alcohol-free, you should EXPECT MORE.Soft drinks and mocktails just don’t cut it. Neither do alcoholic spirit imitations whose flavours get lost as soon as they’re mixed. Texture, depth and mouthfeel are everything when creating a mature and sophisticated drink, whether as a fancy cocktail or with a simple mixer.

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Take your BBQ to the next level with Jack Daniel’s Original BBQ Sauce. A true BBQ classic - balanced notes of dark brown sugar, rich ripe tomato, apple cider vinegar, and the unique mellow flavor of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey! A true American original, classic with a keen balanced flavor and a robust finish. Made with no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no corn syrup and gluten free.

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Banhoek Chilli Oil is named after the valley where this premium chilli oil is handcrafted in custom-built production kitchens. Founded on three principles: quality, consistency and flavour.
While other chilli oils use olive oil as a base, the olive taste masks the subtle flavours of the chillies. And it's all about the chilli.
Every batch  is handcrafted, with induction technology ensuring an even extraction of flavour from local ingredients only. After infusion the rosy-hued oil is drained, cooled and passed through a 16-stage filter to ensure a crystal-clear chilli oil that carries the bold flavours of sun-ripened Bird’s Eye chillies with just the right hit of heat. Banhoek Chilli Oil; an essential addition to every pantry.

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ISOFIT+ is the Ultimate sports drink for Ultimate Hydration.

With a pH level of 8 and a high mineral content, our Natural Spring water forms the base of the ISOFIT+ range. After that, there’s plenty added goodness! ISOFIT + is high in Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and Vitamin C, and very high in Vitamin B12.

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